Topics: Limits and Rules

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Understanding the Maximum Drawdown Level

November 12, 2020 182
The Maximum Drawdown Limit Level This a floor to simply protect T4TCapital's fund! Breach this and the account is closed. It is therefore very important to understand how the Maximum Drawdown works. How the Maximum Drawdown Limit Level is calculated? Similar to the Weekly Loss Limit Level it is...
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Understanding the Weekly Loss Limit Level

November 12, 2020 132
The Weekly Loss Limit Level The Weekly Loss Limit Level is an industry standard limit imposed on a trader when trading T4TCapital's accounts to protect the traders' previous weekly profits. It is important traders make a profit with our trading accounts. If a trader had a great previous week trad...
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Understanding the Rules and Limits of the Practical Assessment

December 11, 2020 1234
Risk Management - An Overview The objective of the T4T Practical Assessment is to assess if you are able to adhere to our rules for trading our live accounts. The rules are simple and the limits are in place to not only protect our capital but also to protect your profits. Please do not reques...
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