Practical Assessment Reset Fee

Practical Assessment Reset Fee

Choose your account size and platform (Practical Assessment Resets)

You should only reset your account under the following conditions:

  1. You have been advised you have breached the Maximum Drawdown Limit Level.
  2. You voluntarily wish to reset your account for whatever reason.

When you reset your account you will be provided with another fresh trading account and you will be sent your new account login details.

Please select the trading account size and platform you wish to reset. You will be taken to the corresponding payment for that size account.

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Breached a Live Account?

Can I sign up again if I breach the limits on my live account?

Yes, you can sign up again, but it will cost you 2X (double) the initial entry fee plus you will not be eligible for the 100% of the first 5% profits.

After you have read and understood the following – Please contact Support (bottom right) and we can help you sign up again with the increased fee.

You cannot simply reset the previous assessment account you hit the profit target with or reset the live account you just breached the limits on.

You can’t simply change the account size and pay a smaller fee. Once you fail a live account the double fee goes for all accounts regardless of what account you breached the limits on.

If you breach the limits on this New Assessment Account, the reset fee is the same as normal.

If you pass the assessment again & we discover that you have avoided paying the ‘double fee’ we will cancel or deny access to the Live Account. It’s not a simple case of paying the extra fee once you’ve passed! Telling us that you didn’t know about the extra fee will also not be acceptable.

If you pass the assessment again and you then breach the limits on your second Live Account, you can of course sign up again to the assessment, but the fee will be 4X (four times) the initial fee.

This doubling process continues every time you sign up for the Assessment after breaching limits on a Live Account (2X, 4X, 8X, 16X).