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Last modified: November 26, 2020
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How to update the T4TCapital MT4 Trading Platform.


From time to time MetaQuotes the company that provides the MT4 trading platform updates the application with a new build, which requires all of us to update the platform. Whilst you can still trade on the old platform, it is highly recommended to update to the latest version or you may not receive the latest functionality.

Latest Version

MT4 latest update

This is the latest version
Version: 4.00 Build 1298
Date of update: 20 Nov 202

What to do

1 – Download the latest version


Unzip the file and remember where you downloaded it to on your computer.

2 – Uninstall your current T4TCapital MT4 Installation

Ensure when you uninstall you keep all your data )look out for the check box) this will ensure your settings are maintained in the new installation.

3 – New Server

Ensure you select the new ‘Demo2’ server for your trading account

3. Watch Brads Video

Any problems please contact support@t4tcapitalfm.com

Using the support email will ensure you get a timely response.

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