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Hit the profit target and pass our consistency rule and your LIVE!

6.0% Max Loss Limit

Traders may not incur losses exceeding 6.0% from their initial starting balance. The Maximum Loss Limit trails your account balance up to the starting balance.

3.0% Daily Loss Limit

Your Daily Loss should not exceed 3.0% of your account equity. The Daily Drawdown Limit is reset at 5pm New York time. A breach of this limit will require an account reset.

Profit Targets

You are required to hit a profit target of 10% of your account size in the 1 Phase Challenge and a cumulative 13% in the 2 Phase Challenge, without hitting the loss limits.

Consistency Rule

To counter mismanagement of risk we have a minimum 5 days trading required & your largest profit day must be below 50% of your total profits made.

Scale Your Account 

Up To $1,000,000

Consistently profitable traders have the option to scale their trading accounts all the way up to $1 million and increase their profit share to 90%. Make 10%* profit to be eligible for account scaling. For full account scaling details see our FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions
for the Funding Challenge

No, this goes against everything we promote as one of the highest paying prop trading firms, we want long term consistent traders .

We do not want to encourage you to over trade and over leverage. Take your time we’ve removed the pressure.

Funding Challenge Accounts

Traders have an unlimited time to hit the Profit target but if they do need to trade at least once per month (every 30 days) otherwise their account will be deemed inactive & will be closed out.

Live T4TCapitalFM™ Trader Account

There is no time limit placed on the management of the Live T4TCapitalFM™ trading account, however, if your trading account is inactive for more than 3 months we will assume you have given up and lost interest and your live T4TCapitalFM™ trading account will be suspended.

Yes it is.

To enable us to assess your ability in a risk free environment, as a remote prop trading firm we use a demo account without risk.

The Trading Demo Account (Funding Challenge) performs in the same way as the live account, so when you start trading with real money you will not notice any difference.

All trading methodologies are accepted except for the Martingale Trading Strategy (see below).

It is strictly prohibited to use ‘Martingale Trading Strategies’, or any variation thereof. All traders must refrain from employing such strategies, as they are considered gambling & pose significant risks to our prop trading firms capital. If it is discovered that a trader is utilizing this strategy or variation thereof, their accounts will be promptly terminated.

Traders may use EA’s to execute and manage positions BUT you cannot use an EA that acts as a robot and auto-executes a repetitive strategy like HH or LL or any other strategy.

If it repeats the execution more than once a day we will deem it high frequency and this is prohibited. Your account will be deemed invalid for funding.

Furthermore, Using Trading Strategies or robots which exploit errors in the service such as errors in the display of prices or delays in their update, including but not limited to; any HFT trading, latency arbitrage, news straddling, stop order arbitrage, robot or AI algorithm generated, martingale strategy etc.

If any of these apply to your trading, your account will be deemed invalid for funding & you are not entitled to a refund for the challenge.

This controls the maximum exposure at our Prop Trading Firm.

In the unlikely event of breaching the rules of our Prop Trading Firm you can reset the account back to the start account balance.

You will need to pay the appropriate fee according to your account size you are trading. 

You may also reset your account at anytime you wish if you want to start from scratch again.

Yes our prop trading firm does.

You can notify us by chat (bottom right) or by email, although we will have seen you have achieved the profit target.

Once you have hit the profit target for the Funding Challenge the audit team will go through and double check your biggest day profit does not exceed 50% of your total profits made. If all is in order you will be sent the ‘Traders e-Agreement’.

Once we receive the signed e-Agreement back your Live Account will be set up within 1 business day.

The Rules & Limits for your Funded account are exactly the same as the Challenge you selected.

No, we are a Prop Trading Firm and you are trading our accounts.

We have our own Liquidity Provider and you will be provided with the account details to trade.

How long is a piece of string. This depends on your ability to chose the correct trades and of course if the market is behaving itself and has good volatility.

The total number of Challenge and Live Funded Accounts per user is as follows:

Users can have as many $50K & $100K Challenge accounts as they like but they are limited to an initial $200K of live funding capital. The users verified accounts will be merged into one trading account. They can then scale up that consolidated account higher following our live account scaling program.

Example 1, if a trader has 2 x $50K Challenge and they are verified as passing the Challenge, then the trader will be provided with 1 x $100K live account.

Example 2, if a trader has 3 x $100K Challenge accounts and they are verified as passing the Challenge, then the trader will be limited to $200K of live funding capital & they will be provided with 1 x $200K live account. The extra $100K account will be parked and can only be used if the user breaches the limits on their new live consolidated account.

Users are limited to one $200K or $400K Challenge account, unless approved by Traders4Traders management. The $200K, $400K accounts can both be scaled up to $1M.

1Users with multiple Challenge accounts cannot transfer or combine performance, data, parameters, or other information between accounts.

For example, a trader has 2 x $100K Challenge and both accounts are in profit $4,000. They cannot merge the profit of both accounts to hit the $8,000 profit target.

Users in Traders4Traders ‘High Performance Trader Mentoring’ Program can have as many Challenge accounts as they like but they are limited to a maximum of $2M live funding. The verified accounts will be merged with a maximum of 1 x $2M account.


We reserve the right to cancel Challenge accounts and/or withhold funding on accounts that pass the Challenge if a trader is found to have multiple funded accounts with multiple email addresses.

If a trader is found to have signed up to multiple Challenge accounts with multiple email addresses via the one IP address, then those accounts will be forfeited & the fees will not be refunded.

Note for Pay-outs: The bank account must be in the trader’s name. If you’ve signed up for Challenge with a ‘dodgy email/name’ then this could be a problem for you!

Yes. If you have bought a Funding Challenge and have changed your mind we will refund your fee straightaway without question.

There is no refund if:

  1. You have started trading the account.
  2. You have breached the rules and failed the assessment.

Reset Fees are not refundable.

Yes – you can. 

You are responsible for their operation and to ensure they adhere to the rules.

A malfunctioning EA, bot or Algo is not an excuse for breaching the rules.

You have an unlimited amount of time to hit the profit target. 

But if the trader has been inactive for 30 days, T4TCapitalFM reserves the right to close the account with no refund. This is to re-allocate resources and to ensure our trade servers and our dashboard are running at optimal performance.

No we don’t.

A Prop Trading Firm (short for proprietary trading firm) is a financial institution that trades financial instruments, such as stocks, futures, options, and currencies, with its own money rather than on behalf of clients.

Some of the highest paying Prop Trading Firms use their own capital to speculate on price movements and generate profits for their own account.

These firms typically employ professional traders who use sophisticated trading strategies, such as algorithmic trading, to generate profits.

These Prop Trading Firm traders are often highly skilled and may have backgrounds in mathematics, computer science, or engineering.

They may also use proprietary trading software and other advanced tools to execute trades and manage risk.

These Prop Trading Firms can be independent or affiliated with a larger financial institution, such as a bank or hedge fund.

They may trade in a variety of markets, including equities, commodities, fixed income, and foreign exchange.

Theys may also engage in arbitrage and other forms of market making, where they provide liquidity to the market by buying and selling securities.

Overall, prop trading firms play an important role in the financial markets by providing liquidity, managing risk, and generating profits through trading activities.

Reset Fee

The Reset Fee is only applicable to the Funding Challenge, there is No Reset fee on the Live Accounts. If you break the the Limits on the Live account then your account is closed.

For the Funding Challenge
You may reset your account under the following conditions:

  • Upon breach of any of the rules and/or limits.

  • At anytime you wish.

The price of the reset fee is dependent upon the starting account size of your Funding Challenge. If you are an experienced trader it is very unlikely you will need to reset your account.