Trading Our Live Forex Accounts

Earn Up To 80% Profit Share Trading

Our Live Forex Funded Accounts

Smart Trading. Smart Traders.

Trading The Live Forex Funded Account

Your route to a USD$1,000,000 Account.

Once you have completed the Practical Assessment you will now be considered as a competent forex trader and be provided with a live forex funded account of the same account size. From here you can compound your profits and work your way up to the USD$1M account or you can withdraw profits as well along the way.

The rules and limits remain the same.

In addition, with the live forex funded account, as you build your account size you will be able to utilize our scaling plan which enables you to use larger position sizes.

Profit Share Schedule

Up To 10% Profit

Between 10% & 20% Profit

Over 20% Profit

Risk Management
 Rules and Limits

The Rules & Limits are the same as the Practical Assessment.

"Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it."
Albert Einstein Compound Interest Quote
Albert Eistein

Tradeable Instruments
within our accounts

The Tradeable Instruments are the same for the Live Forex Funded Account as the Practical Assessment.

Scale Up To USD$1,000,000
by making 10% on your Live Forex Funded Account

Whilst achieving our trader performance metrics and take your profits to the next level without taking anymore assessments.

Frequently Asked Questions
about the Live Funded Trading Account

There is no time limit. We are looking for consistent, responsible risk managers. You trade our live forex funded accounts the same way as you would your own. You either build the forex funded account up or withdraw profits or as we recommend a bit of both.

You can withdraw profits during your journey to the USD$1,000,000 account. You can do this on the last business day of the month and your profit withdrawal will be applied to the profit share schedule. Your share of the profits will be paid on the first business day of the next month as soon as we receive an invoice from you for the amount of profit share.

Yes they are. The Practical Assessment and the Live Forex Funded Accounts perform exactly the same way.

In the unlikely event of breaching the account limits your live forex funded account account will be terminated and you will need to take the Practical Assessment again at whichever level you choose.

There is no reset fee like the Practical Assessment.

If you breach the trading rules then your trade will be automatically closed, however you can continue to trade.

No you are trading our accounts. We have our own liquidity provider and you will be provided with the account details to trade.

Yes they are. The Practical Assessment and the Live Forex Funded Accounts perform exactly the same way.

Yes of course. In fact we encourage it. Make some of your own cash at the same time.