Scaling up to USD$1,000,000

USD$1,000,000 Challenge

Scale Up Your Live Account

Scale Up To USD$1,000,000!

Join the ranks of a professional trader. Achieve financial freedom whilst building your capital, our scaling up plan is second to none.

To scale up to the next level you will need to achieve the following:
1. Trade for a minimum of 3 months
2. Make 20% profit from the starting balance 
3. Achieve the ‘Performance Metrics’: Win Rate >45% + Best Day Profit <40% of Total Profits

Make 20%* To Scale Up Your Account

Maximum Account Size is USD$1,000,000

 Performance Metrics

Profit Target

Achieve a Profit Target of 20% or above

Win Ratio

Your overall Win Ratio must be 45% or above.

Best Day Profit

Your BDP must be less than 40% of Total Profits

Proprietary Trading
Scale Up $1,000,000 forex account

Compound your profits
To USD$1,000,000

Understanding compound interest and applying it is the key to financial success. Build your account and find out. The less you withdraw the quicker you will achieve success. Nobody is interested in 10% of $1000 per year, but 10% of $1,000,000 paints a different picture.

Choose an affordable Practical Assessment entry level and get started today.

Withdrawing Profits for a
Monthly Income

We get it, you need a monthly income. Build your account size up to a size that provides you with a monthly income that allows you financial freedom and trade that account size.

Scaling Up For a Forex Income
Compound your forex capital

Compounding & Spending profits
for Income and Scaling Up

This is the method we recommend. A combination of both. Build your account size and take profits along the way to reward your self, whilst building your capital base.

Choose your entry level into the
 USD$1,000,000 Challenge

Single Payment


Starting Balance
  • No Monthly Payments
  • Unlimited Time
  • Leverage 1:10
  • Profit Target 8% ($2,000)
    + Win Rate ≥45%
  • Max Drawdown 5% ($1250)
  • Reset Fee $75
Single Payment


Starting Balance
  • No Monthly Payments
  • Unlimited Time
  • Leverage 1:10
  • Profit Target 8% ($4,000)
    + Win Rate ≥45%
  • Max Drawdown 5% ($2500)
  • Reset Fee $145

Frequently Asked Questions
for the Scaling Up Process

Great news, you take them with you. Lets look at an example.
You pass the $100,000 Practical Assessment.
You are then given a Live $100,000 trading account. You achieve 10% profit ($10,000). You also have achieved the trader performance metrics, traded the account for a minimum of 3 months and you are then provided with the next level account of $250,000. You take the $10,000 profit you made on the $100,000 which means you start with $260,000!

You can withdraw profits during your journey to the USD$1,000,000 account. You can do this on the last business day of the month and your profit withdrawal will be applied to the profit share schedule. Your share of the profits will be paid on the first business day of the next month as soon as we receive an invoice from you for the amount of profit share.

Yes you can, but you cannot withdraw below the starting balance of your trading account otherwise the account will be closed.

You have to keep some of your profits in the account to keep it open. The cash left in the account becomes your new drawdown limit. 

For example: If you made $25,000 profit and want to withdrawal some cash but also want to continue to trade, the best scenario is: withdrawal $20,000 and leave $5,000 as your trading limit. That way you can reap the benefits of your good trading and also continue to have an income stream going forward.

No you can only trade one account at a time.

In the unlikely event of breaching the trading rules your trade will automatically be closed but your account will remain open.

In the unlikely event of breaching the account limits on your live account your account will automatically be closed and you will no longer be able to trade that account. You will need to take the practical assessment again.

Its a sad day if your account gets closed but the great news is your profits will be applied to the profit share schedule and your profits will be paid within 5 business days.

No you cannot reset a live account.