Scale Up To The Ultimate

Scale Up To USD$1,000,000!

Join the ranks of a professional trader. Achieve financial freedom and build your capital, our scaling up plan is second to none.

"Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it."

10% To Scale Up

*Trader must hit all Performance Metrics to scale up their account over a 2 month period.

wdt_ID Entry Level Account Size Profit Target New Account Size
1 Level 1 USD$25,000 10%* USD$50,000
2 Level 2 USD$50,000 10%* USD$100,000
3 Level 3 USD$100,000 10%* USD$250,000
4 Level 4 USD$250,000 10%* USD$500,000
5 Level 5 USD$500,000 10%* USD$750,000
6 Level 6 USD$750,000 10%* USD$1,000,000

Maximum Account Size is USD$1,000,000

 Performance Metrics

As a trader for us you will need to maintain a level of proficiency. We monitor this with industry standard performance metrics. To move on to the next stage you will need to achieve the following metrics.

Profit Target

You will need to achieve a Profit Target of 10% or above.

Winning Days

You need to achieve a winning days target of 50% or above.

Win Loss Ratio

You will need to achieve a Win Loss Ratio of 65% or above.

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Sharpe Ratio

You will need to have achieved a Sharpe Ratio of 1 or above.

Trade Volume

You will have to trade not less than 50 Lots before scaling up.


You will need to have achieved a ROMAD of 3 or above.


Scale Up $1,000,000 forex account

Compound your profits
To USD$1,000,000

Understanding compound interest and applying it is the key to financial success. Build your account and find out. The less you withdraw the quicker you will achieve success. Nobody is interested in 10% of $1000 per year, but 10% of $1,000,000 paints a different picture.

Identify an affordable Practical Assessment entry level and get started today.

Withdrawing Profits for a
Monthly Income

We get it, you need a monthly income. Build your account size up to a size that provides you with a monthly income that allows you financial freedom and trade that account size.

Scaling Up For a Forex Income

Compound your forex capital

Compounding & Spending profits
for Income and Scaling Up

This is the method we recommend. A combination of both. Build your account size and take profits along the way to reward your self, whilst building your capital base.

" If an investor can achieve an average annual return of 20 percent, then, after 45 years, an initial investment of $1 million will appreciate to $3.6 billion. Wow!"

Choose your entry level into the
 USD$1,000,000 Challenge

wdt_ID Entry Level Account Size Leverage Profit Target One Off Fee Reset Fee START TODAY
1 Level 1 USD$25,000 1:10 10% USD$125 USD$199
2 Level 2 USD$50,000 1:10 10% USD$250 USD$199
3 Level 3 USD$100,000 1:10 10% USD$350 USD$199
4 Level 4 USD$250,000 1:10 10% USD$1,250 USD$500
5 Level 5 USD$500,000 1:10 10% USD$2,500 USD$1000
6 Level 6 USD$750,000 1:10 10% USD$3,750 USD$1500
7 Level 7 USD$1,000,000 1:10 10% USD$5,000 USD$2000

Frequently Asked Questions
for the Scaling Up Process

What happens to my profits when I scale up?

Great news, you take them with you. Lets look at an example.
You pass the $100,000 Practical Assessment.
You are then given a Live $100,000 trading account. You achieve 10% profit ($10,000). You also have achieved the trader performance metrics and you are then provided with the next level account of $250,000. You take the $10,000 profit you made on the $100,000 which means you start with $260,000!

Can I withdraw all the profits I've made?

Yes you can, but you cannot withdraw below the starting balance of your current trading account.

Can I have multiple accounts of the same size?

No you can only trade one account size.

What happens if I breach the rules?

In the unlikely event of breaching the rules and/or limits in the live account, your account will be closed and you will no longer be able to trade the account.

What happens to my profits if my account is closed?

Its a sad day if your account gets closed but the great news is your profits will be applied to the profit share schedule and your profits will be paid within 5 business days.

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