Funding from
USD$25k to USD$1m

Smart Trading. Smart Traders.

How Forex Funding Works

If you are an experienced retail trader, you have the option of a USD$25,000, USD$50,000, USD$100,000 , USD$250,000, USD$500,000, USD$750,000 and the USD$1,000,000 trading account.

The Practical Assessment

The practical assessment is designed to test your ability to both trade and how you manage your risk. It is a demo account. There are a few simple rules and limits you need to adhere to. To pass the assessment you simply need to make 10% profit from your starting balance without breaking any rules or limits. When you reach the profit target you will receive a Live Trading Account where you will start making real money.

The Live Account

Having passed the practical assessment you will receive a live account to trade, where you will receive a share of the profits you make from our capital.

Scaling Up to USD$1,000,000

Once you have been trading for a minimum of 3 months we will assess your trading performance using metrics such as WinLoss Ratio, Sharpe Ratio and RoMad. If you achieve the required metrics by the end of the 3 month period you will be given additional funding and you will move to the next stage of the Scaling Up step.

wdt_ID Entry Level Account Size Profit Target
1 Level 1 USD$25,000 10%*
2 Level 2 USD$50,000 10%*
3 Level 3 USD$100,000 10%*
4 Level 4 USD$250,000 10%*
5 Level 5 USD$500,000 10%*
6 Level 6 USD$750,000 10%*

Practical Assessments from
USD$25,000 to USD$1,000,000

Smart Trading. Smart Traders.