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Our T4TCapitalFM MT4 systems are robust and well engineered to cope with large numbers of trades. Our MT4 platform is also well-equipped to handle increasing volumes of traffic.

T4TCapital Practical Assessment

The MetaTrader 4 platform allows you to trade on a number of different devices, providing you with access on the go at any time of the day. Giving you the confidence that you have access to all your information at your fingertips, and can make well informed trading decisions including smartly managing your trading risk across your T4TCapitalFM accounts.

Wide range of instruments

Opportunity to trade CFDs in Forex in 61 currency pairs, gold and silver and a range of index and commodity CFDs.

Cross-device & cross-platform trading

Web and mobile trading with our platform running across all devices, including iOS and Android native apps.

Structured data driven decision making

Structured data available via our charting package and technical indicators for you to make smarter structured data-driven decisions.

Valuable research and analysis tools

The T4TCapitalFM MT4 trading platform is equipped with a whole host of extremely valuable research and analysis tools essential to trading.

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