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T4TCapital Funds Management.

A Leading Proprietary Trading Company

T4TCapital is a renowned & well-established proprietary trading firm with a diverse pool of trading talent. It was founded by Brad Gilbert, a professional trader & risk manager of 30+ years who identified a significant lack of opportunities for everyday people to access trader funding. We know full-time trading opportunities in the traditional fund management sector are out of reach of most individuals. We believe in equal opportunity regardless of race, background, and education levels. If you can prove you can trade then we’ll provide the capital, trading technology and support to get you started.

Our Mission: To create a transparent funds management offering that is accessible to all not just the extremely wealthy, with unprecedented value and opportunity for Traders. 

T4TCapital is a Diversified Multi-Asset Class Proprietary Trading Firm with a focus on Equities, Forex, Metals, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies.

We adhere to the highest professional standards of excellence in teamwork, communication, support, and have created an unrivalled environment for exceptional people to perform to their best ability. Traders are encouraged to establish their own trading style and to develop strategies which they can continually improve and adapt to the changing market conditions.

Proprietary Trading


To support and provide a proprietary trading opportunity for all retail forex traders in their quest for success.


We bring a unique insight into trading with over 30 years of Professional trading experience with both the banks and in the retail market.


With one of the major causes of failure in the forex market we provide capital for forex traders to realize their dream of trading as a professional full time trader.

What some of our traders have to say about our proprietary trading…

Excellent prop firm

Very professional & they are among the few institutions who teach the right way in trading.
About the support, they have excellent support I have scheduled several zoom meeting with the team especially Mark & Craig and they were very helpful and wise.

Walid Moussa


Hands Down, the Best Funding Program.

I have researched just about every forex funding program out there. Traders4Traders is hands down the best out there! No monthly subscriptions and no pressure to meet the target in 20 trading days! The cost of the program is great as well as their top assesement program ($1million). The trading parameters are tighter than most companies but I believe are fair. Customer service has been on point. They have shown flexibility and creativity in some things I needed done. In addition, I have already received referrals in their affiliate program which pays even when your referral becomes profitable.

Brad and Mark have been very responsive!


United States

Very Good Support

Very Good Support, very good Service.

Christian Strobel


Some of our most popular Proprietary Trading Practical Assessments

Choice of trading platform

Now you can trade on MT4, MT5 & TradingView across desktop and mobile


Trading platforms provided & administered by regulated broker

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