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Trade Forex Like
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With A Leading Prop Trading Firm.

To trade forex like a wall street trader, you firstly need a tradable account size. Many traders realize that trading small account sizes to try to reach a sustainable income leads to over trading and over-leveraging.
With T4TCapitalFM a leading Prop Firm there is one simple step to get funded – ‘proving you can trade’ with our Forex Practical Assessment then showing us you can be a good risk manager in the Forex Live Account to get either an income from the live account or to
compound your profits all the way to the USD$1,000,000 account.

Prove you can trade for a prop trading firm with the
 Practical Assessment?

All prop trading companies require each trade to prove their abilities. T4TCapital provides a Practical Assessment and is a demo (challenge) account to demonstrate your ability to trade our Live Trading Account.  The rules and limits are exactly the same as the live account. It is a one step process of achieving the profit target which is 10% of your starting balance, whilst adhering to the simple rules and risk management limits.

Can you achieve a

Profit Target?

  • Achieve a 10% Profit
  • Unlimited Time To Achieve The Target
  • Single Assessment Fee
  • No monthly Subscriptions
  • Simple Rules and Limits
  • Earn up to 80% of profits
  • We absorb your losses

Start making real cash with the
 Live Trading Account

Having passed the Practical Assessment, you will now be trading Live Cash and making Live Cash Profits. Here you will have the choice of trading for an income or compounding your profits and scaling up to the USD$1,000,000 account.

Earn up to
 80% of the profits

10% profit
or above

Trader Profit Share

15% profit
or above

Trader Profit Share

20% profit
or above

Trader Profit Share


Scale up your prop trading live account
 up to USD$1,000,000

Once you have traded your Live Account for a minimum of 2 months and have reached a profit of 10% of your starting balance along with meeting the performance metrics, you will be provided with the next level up of Live Capital.

wdt_ID Entry Level Account Size Profit Target New Account Size
1 Level 1 USD$25,000 10%* USD$50,000
2 Level 2 USD$50,000 10%* USD$100,000
3 Level 3 USD$100,000 10%* USD$250,000
4 Level 4 USD$250,000 10%* USD$500,000
5 Level 5 USD$500,000 10%* USD$750,000
6 Level 6 USD$750,000 10%* USD$1,000,000

Learn to Trade Forex like a Wall Street Trader
 from a former Wall Street Trader!

Learn how the banks trade forex with Bradley Gilbert, a former Chief Forex Trader with Citibank.

Trade Like The Banks

Get the same training junior bank traders receive upon joining a bank.

Unlimited Time

Learn at your own pace, with quizzes and a final test.

USD$100K Assessment

Turn your assessment into a live cash fund.

Any Strategy

You may use any trading strategy, EAs or bots.


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